Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Friday 26th Feb: Barry McConnell 
If you thought the world of eel fishing attracted some of the most dedicated nutters in fishing- you were right! Fresh from the publication of his eye-opening book "The Eel Angler" we're thrilled to have Barry McConnell as our next monthly speaker. Barry is one of the sport's real characters, not to mention THE authority on all things eel fishing. The last we heard, he was fishing bottomless depths to catch winter eels- as well as catching one with his bare hands in a Scottish river. This will be a highly entertaining and refreshingly different evening out- come and join us at the Mill on Exe for 7:30pm!

The slide show presentation will be about the eel angling exploits of Barry McConnell and Pete Drabble in the UK, New Zealand and Australia with UK eels to 9lb 2oz and Australian eels to 23lb 4oz. The talk covers tactics, tackle, baits, rigs and many other eeling tips and takes you on an extensive, extreme and sometimes humorous tour of waters around England, Wales, Shropshire, Cheshire, The Midlands and Cornwall along with scotland, wilderness fishing for eels with a bit about deadbaiting for scots ferox thrown in, fishing with lightweight, minimum gear and a 999 alarm attached to the rod.

The book "The Eel Angler" will be available for sale along with  a few other  products from Zandavan Productions as can be viewed on www.zandavan.co.uk - Rollover Indicators, 999 alarms, Tagging guns (for hair rigging live and deadbaits) and some high quality  coated legers at a very reasonable price.

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